For Buying Property in Volusia or Any County, Bee Realty is Your Local and Global Real Estate Connection

For buying property in Volusia Country, surrounding counties or anywhere, Bee Realty Corp is positive, helpful partner with a can-do attitude for buying or selling a home in Central Florida and beyond.

  • Trusted resource for answers about the process of buying and selling homes
  • Enjoy transparency and high level of communication throughout the process
  • Innovative and tech-savvy
  • Expertise about neighborhood features
  • Ability to target home searches
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Support through the closing and beyond
  • Count on a joyful, energetic partner who gets the job done!

Buying property with Bee Realty Corp as your partner assures a smooth transaction due to the experience and knowledge of Bee Powell and the team of professionals at Bee Realty. You can count on the fact that Bee Realty Corp will represent your interests and guide you through the process to avoid any pitfalls or unforeseen surprises.

As experts in buying property in Volusia County, or Central Florida in general, Bee Realty Corp also specializes in Military and International real estate transactions, with certifications and knowledge about every legal and logistical aspect of purchasing a home or other property.

Investing in Real Estate

Many view real estate as the best and safest investment choice there is. Bee Realty Corp owners and agents have personally invested in real estate over the years and have found this to be true. Whether you are interested in “flipping” homes or holding on to them to collect rent, as Certified Investor Agent Specialists (CIAS) we are well qualified to discuss cap rates with you, consult on your next step or to help with managing the rehab process. Many investors do not live in Central Florida but buy property here since prices are so reasonable and rents are high. When it comes to buying property for investment, working with a Realtor who understands investors and their needs is imperative and will essentially put more money in YOUR pocket.

Buying Property Internationally

Though Volusia County is our “home court,” we have lived and worked in other areas and even countries such as Germany and Australia as well. We love the fact that the world has “shrunk” in a way, and other countries are more accessible for traveling as well as for second homes. Bee Realty Corp works with international buyers and sellers to save a tremendous amount of time.

As Certified International Property Specialists (CIPS) we can:

(a) help or consult non-residents when buying property,

(b) help US residents/citizens in buying property abroad, and

(c) screen real estate agents for you, both nationally and globally, to be sure you are cared for properly.

Military Relocation and Retirement

As Military Relocation Professionals, we understand the needs of Veterans and the lending programs such as VA loans available to them. The time frames, priorities and simply the ways of doing business are often distinctively different when working with Veterans. If you have served and are looking for a retirement home or are still on active duty looking to move up or relocate, we encourage you to seek out a Military Relocation Professional such as those of us at Bee Realty Corp, especially for buying property.

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