3 Reasons Homes in Azalea Walk Are Ideal for Stetson University Families


Bee Realty Corp is well-known for its innovative approach to buying and selling homes in the DeLand real estate market. Today, we want to offer Stetson University families a unique perspective on student housing.

Parents sending their child off to university have many options when it comes to where their college-bound student will live. Dormitories and apartments are traditional choices, but we’re proposing a novel idea. Why not invest in a cottage-style home in a charming neighborhood that’s just minutes from campus? While it’s an unconventional concept, it also provides plenty of benefits for students and parents alike.

What are Cottage Neighborhoods?

Modeled on the compact and efficient layout of 18th-century Mews housing in the UK, picturesque cottage neighborhoods blend comfort with convenience. They offer a private living environment while still being close to urban amenities, making them one of real estate’s biggest trends.

A recent entry in the DeLand real estate market, the cottage community of Azalea Walk is located just northeast of Downtown. Situated in a secure setting, the development features cottage-style homes that are clustered around common areas that span about four and a half acres. Each model features:

  • Superior energy efficiency.
  • Modern floor plans.
  • Front porches.

The homes are surrounded by grassy areas, common gathering spaces, and, of course, azalea gardens. Governed by an HOA responsible for maintaining the grounds, the community provides a relaxed environment residents can enjoy without having to deal with time-consuming exterior upkeep. They’re also sustainably designed, which helps keep utility costs low.

DeLand Real Estate: 3 Reasons For Stetson University Families to Buy a Home in Azalea Walk

Purchasing a home in Azalea Walk for your student to live in while attending Stetson can be a wise real estate investment. Your student can enjoy the independence of off-campus living, while you get an opportunity to build capital in a potential second home post-graduation.

These three persuasive arguments in favor of buying an Azalea Walk home for your Stetson student show it’s a decision that does far more than put a roof over your child’s head, with far-reaching implications and benefits.

A Sound Investment

Real estate is a time-tested investment. Instead of renting an apartment or paying for a dorm room, which offers no return, purchasing an Azalea Walk home lets you build equity over the time your student’s in school. As university areas generally maintain or increase their property values, your investment is likely to appreciate, offering a substantial financial return.

Investing in a property near a university is also a strategic move. Demand for housing in neighborhoods close to universities remains consistently high, ensuring your property will likely retain its value. Whether you choose to rent it out, live in it, or sell it in the future, there’s a ready market waiting. You aren’t just meeting your student’s immediate needs; you’re also securing a financial asset that grows over time.

A Stable, Comfortable Student Home Base

Living in a cottage neighborhood that’s within walking distance of the university provides your student with a unique blend of independence, comfort, and community. Unlike the transient nature of dorms or rental apartments, living in a family-owned home offers a sense of permanence and stability. Students are free to personalize the space, making it a true home away from home and fostering a conducive environment for studying.

Azalea Walk’s proximity to the university and downtown means your child has easy access to campus resources, social activities, and amenities. Its convenient location reduces the need for transportation, saving time and money, which can enhance the overall university experience. The neighborhood’s community vibe adds another layer of support, as students can form lasting relationships with neighbors, creating a network that extends beyond the Stetson campus.

Parents enjoy peace of mind, too, knowing their child is living in a safe, comfortable, and well-maintained property. Unlike the unpredictability of rental situations, owning a home ensures your student has a consistent and reliable living environment throughout their university years. It also eliminates the hassle of annual lease renewals, the uncertainty of rent hikes, and the sometimes unpleasant reality of an incompatible roommate.

Long-Term Family Benefits

The benefits of owning a cottage community home near Stetson University extend well beyond graduation. Once your child completes their education, you have several attractive options open to you.

  1. You can rent the property to students, turning it into a steady source of income.
  2. You can sell it at a potentially higher value than the purchase price, realizing a significant financial gain.
  3. You can use it as a vacation or retirement home.

In addition, an Azalea Walk property can be a convenient and comfortable place to stay when visiting your Stetson student, allowing you to avoid the impersonality and expense of a hotel. And if you have other children who might attend Stetson, the house can provide a familiar, welcoming environment for the next university-bound family member, saving you on future housing costs while strengthening family ties to the cottage community.

Get the Scoop on Azalea Walk Today

Purchasing a cottage-style home in DeLand’s Azalea Walk isn’t just a creative approach to student housing. It’s a smart investment that can provide significant financial gains, a stable and safe student environment, and long-term benefits for the entire family. In other words, it’s a decision that pays dividends in more ways than one!

If you’re ready to explore buying a home in the DeLand real estate market, we encourage you to add Azalea Walk to your potential housing list. Gallery Homes has been repeatedly honored with Builder of the Year awards and is a member of Florida’s Green Building Coalition. It’s also the Gallery Winner of the 2023 Volusia Building Industry Association’s Grand Award for single-family production and a three-time winner of the JD Power’s “Highest in Customer Satisfaction.”

To view available properties in the Azalea Walk community, contact Bee Realty Corp online or call 386-279-7522. Our professional REALTORS® are ready to assist you in finding the perfect housing solution for your Stetson University student.

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