5 Ideas For Elevating Your Holiday Celebrations


The helpful real estate agents at Bee Realty Corp aren’t only experts in buying and selling property. They’re also treasure troves of homeowner tips for everything from keeping your home tidy to choosing the right fence! If you love to entertain during the holidays and are looking for a few easy but impressive ways to take your gatherings to the next level, these suggestions are guaranteed to add a touch of creativity to your festivities.

Ready to sprinkle a bit of holiday magic? Let’s get started!

5 Favorite Homeowner Tips for Upping Your Holiday Entertaining Game

The good news is that elevating holiday parties, brunches, or dinners doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Try these simple yet effective ideas to give your holiday get-togethers that wow factor your guests will love.

  1. Creative Invites & Themed Decorations

Choosing a theme for your event makes it easier to create a harmonized celebration. It can be as simple as a black & white affair or slightly more involved, like a Winter Wonderland. Whichever route you choose, having an overriding theme streamlines the planning process and provides direction for invites, decor, and menus. It also makes the celebration more memorable for guests.

Given Central Florida’s mild winter days, consider themes that reflect the state’s vibe. For instance, opt for a turquoise and sand color scheme that includes starfish and seashells. If you want to keep it more traditional, host a nostalgic party that features vintage holiday decorations, including plenty of tinsel.

Once you’ve picked your theme, create paperless invitations using online apps like Adobe Express or Canva, both of which have hundreds of free templates and layouts to choose from.

  1. Interactive Food Stations with Unique Drink Options

The best thing about interactive food stations is that they let your guests customize their fare to their preferences—and it forces people to mingle! They also mean you don’t have to over-plan the menu or blow your food budget to accommodate multiple dietary choices. Some favorite food stations include meatball and taco bars, ice cream stands, vegan and vegetarian tables, tapas and pizza stations, and even doughnut tables for brunch events or desserts.

Along with your standard wine, beer, and soft drinks, mix things up with some inventive holiday-themed drinks. Iced eggnog, candy cane martinis, or a fall-spiced whiskey sour are fun ways to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

  1. Simple Yet Elegant Presentations

Instead of party standards like aluminum or sectional plastic trays, use unusual and sustainable presentation pieces that enhance the dining experience. For example, slate and wooden platters are a much more creative and appealing way to assemble a charcuterie board. If you decide on a beach theme, use natural or manufactured seashells to hold dips, sauces, and seafood. Or take a cue from Florida’s famous holiday boat festivities and use boat or canoe-shaped containers to serve a variety of foods. Oversized margarita glasses are perfect for appetizers; they also add some height to the serving table. And why not hollow out some pineapples or watermelons and use them as bowls for salsas, tropical-themed dishes, and, of course, fruit salad!

  1. Take the Celebration Outdoors

Whether you host a backyard party or just extend the interior theme to the outdoors, use the open space to take things up a notch. Incorporate elements like fairy lights, tiki torches, a dinghy drinks station, and even a firepit to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Renting a few portable heat lamps is also a great way to maintain a cozy ambiance.

  1. Parting Gifts

Everyone loves party favors. Small remembrances like citrus-scented candles, citrus jams, or personalized ornaments are one possible avenue. But if you really want everyone to remember the celebration for days to come, give your guests a goodie bag with Florida-themed Christmas cookies inside. Christmas trees, pumpkins, and snowflakes are delicious standards, but more memorable choices would be palm trees, surfer Santas, flip-flops, and gators!

And there you go—simple, creative, and fun ways to elevate your holiday celebrations this year. For more homeowner tips or to discuss buying and selling opportunities in Volusia County, contact Bee Realty Corp today. Happy holidays!

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