5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Realty Brokerage to Sell With


When selling a home, most people hope for a stress-free sale where they list their property, quickly find a qualified buyer, bank the proceeds, and move on to their next adventure. However, as many sellers soon come to realize, it’s usually not that easy. But working with a realty brokerage to sell your home can make the process a whole lot smoother.

As one of Central Florida’s most trusted real estate brokerages, Bee Realty Corp knows the area’s market inside and out and can help the process of selling a home go much faster. Before deciding which firm to work with, take a look at these five crucial questions to ask a broker, so you can be confident it’s the best brokerage for you.

Real Estate Agent vs. Realty Brokerage: What’s the Difference?

Real estate professionals go by various names, such as real estate agents, real estate brokers, or realtors. Is there a difference?

Yes, there are some crucial differences, including the requirements for using a particular title. Here’s what you need to know.

  • A real estate agent has a professional license to help people sell, buy, or invest in real estate. They must work for a brokerage firm or sponsoring broker and are responsible for bringing sellers and buyers together.
  • A broker is a real estate agent who has completed additional licensing and training requirements, including legal issues and property management. They often work independently and hire other real estate agents to work for them. While agents and brokers do many of the same things, brokers also help clients determine the market value of their property, list and show properties, and assist in the offer process.

Real estate brokers also possess expertise that ensures a real estate transaction is lawful, the paperwork is complete and correct, and all monies are recorded and reported properly.

Why Work with a Realty Brokerage When Selling a Home?

The best real estate agents have in-depth knowledge of the local market. They also:

  • Act as an expert guide who helps you avoid delays and costly mistakes.
  • Offer objective insights to help you meet your home selling goals.
  • Help you separate serious buyers from looky-loos.
  • Represent you during negotiations.
  • Are your rock during emotional moments.
  • Provide fair and ethical treatment that serves your interests.

Lastly, if you’ve been through the process of selling a home before, you know how frequently obstacles that require professional help appear. An established realty brokerage provides vital assistance, like helping you sift through multiple offers and recommending upgrades that better position your home for a quick sale.

5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Realty Brokerage

We’re often asked when’s the best time to contact a broker about selling a home. Ideally, you should start interviewing brokers around three months prior to selling, but no sooner than six months before you want to list a property.

Connecting with an agent early on offers multiple benefits, including which repairs to invest in and what are likely unnecessary fixes. For instance, real estate agents familiar with your neighborhood might suggest you focus on curb appeal rather than an updated kitchen.

One of the best reasons to contact a realty brokerage a few months before selling a home, though, is it gives you time to conduct interviews and make sure you hire a real estate agent who’s a good fit for you. Today, it’s easy to check a broker’s online presence, but speaking with them in person and asking the right questions is still the best way to truly know if you’ll “click.”

We understand it can be a bit intimidating interviewing experts who likely possess more knowledge about the real estate selling process than you do, so here are a few questions to get you started.

  1. How many agents work for your realty brokerage firm?

A good answer is, “We have “X” agents now working with our brokerage. What you don’t want to hear is a version of “It’s hard to say; we have agents coming and going all the time.”

In other words, it’s not the number of agents that matter so much as it is that you choose a brokerage with an established presence, good reputation, and agents who enjoy working there. You can also ask how many agents work full and part-time, what the average number of years of their experience is, and how long they’ve stayed at the brokerage.

  1. How many similar homes have you sold?

Choosing a good realty brokerage is challenging, and finding one you can trust should be a priority. Real estate agents who have sold homes in your area should be familiar with your neighborhood’s potential selling points. An honest and educated opinion on how to best list your home can only come from having sold comparable area homes.

Having a local expert is a huge advantage for home sellers, as local agents are aware of everything from upcoming area developments and plans for other amenities that could affect your property’s value.

  1. How do you arrive at a listing price?

Few items are as important when selling a home as the discussion of how to price it. A good real estate agent knows that a property priced too high can languish on the market and eventually turn off potential buyers. On the flip side, a property priced too low can leave money on the table.

Items that can affect your home’s listing price include location, square footage, number of rooms, property condition, and distance to local amenities. An agent who’s knowledgeable about the local market and what other similar properties have recently sold for can help you arrive at a competitive price that gets your home sold more quickly and leaves you happy with the outcome.

  1. How will you market my property?

How a realty broker markets your property can have an enormous impact when selling a home. A good real estate agent should be able to provide you with a solid marketing plan that includes brochures, online tactics, open houses, and individual viewings. Don’t hesitate to ask if they have previous marketing plan examples.

  1. What strengths and advantages do you offer me that your competitors do not?

What you’re looking for with this question is how the broker thinks differently from other realty firms. It could be they’re easy to reach by phone, are creative when negotiating deals, and consider themselves approachable and self-confident.

Choosing a realty broker whose agents are expert negotiators, backed by a solid administrative team, and highly connected in the community can give you just the edge you need when selling a home.

Best Local Brokerage in the Central Florida Real Estate Market

Ultimately, the most crucial factor when selling a realty brokerage to list your property is results.

Bee Realty Corp is Volusia County’s largest producing private broker with extensive knowledge of Central Florida real estate markets and the experience and skills needed to make the selling process an enjoyable one, particularly in today’s volatile market.

If you’re looking to sell a home in the greater DeLand area, talk to one of our agents about how we can help you find the right buyer at the best possible price. You’ll soon discover how our innovative approach to listing and marketing homes makes us the winning team you can depend on! Contact us online or call us at 386-279-7522 today to learn more.

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