Do I Need a Real Estate Agent? Top 3 Benefits of Partnering with an Experienced Local Brokerage


When you need to sell your current home—or are in the market to buy one—your best move will be to partner with an experienced broker familiar with the DeLand real estate market. Working with a non-local realtor or trying to handle the process yourself can cost you time and money and often puts you at risk of losing out on a home you love.

Bee Realty Corp is your trusted partner for buying, selling, or investing in a DeLand area home. Our agents’ knowledge of the local real estate market sets them head and shoulders above other, less experienced real estate agents.

Benefits of Partnering with an Experienced DeLand Real Estate Brokerage

The real estate industry is constantly changing, with new digital technologies having a profound impact on how people buy and sell homes. But nothing takes the place of an experienced local realtor, and here’s why.

1. They Know the Area Inside and Out

The best real estate agents have in-depth knowledge of the local market. They can tell you which neighborhoods are trending up or down, and, if you need to sell or buy immediately, advise you when to act or when to wait.

Local agents truly understand the people who live and work there. They know the local businesses and their owners and are familiar with the school system. They can guide you to the best dog parks and the hidden gems where locals like to hang out. Love to cycle or hike? Your local realtor can tell you the best running trails and cycling routes.

When selling your house, a real estate agent who truly understands the community can sell potential buyers on the lifestyle they’ll enjoy. They might have even sold your house before! They’re skilled at answering any question a buyer throws at them and know how to market your home to the most likely category of buyer, be it a first-time homebuyer, young family, or downsizer. 

Your local agent is also genuinely invested in the community. You’re just as likely to run into them at the local coffee shop, market, or soccer game as you are at their office. Because they’re your neighbor, too, a local real estate broker is part of what makes the community great. They support local causes, attend social events, and promote small businesses. And that chance of bumping into the people they serve is an additional incentive for providing the best real estate services for buyers and sellers.

2. They’re Well-Connected

From excellent rapport with other agents to contacts at City Hall or local businesses, experienced real estate agents know who to trust and recommend to their clients.

When it comes to market expertise, no other real estate brokerage comes close to a local brokerage that has:

  • Market expertise in the neighborhood you want to buy.
  • Comprehensive lists of comparable homes.
  • Knowledge of current market and lending conditions.
  • Understanding of local housing codes.
  • Quick access to homes with the features you’re looking for.

A good real estate broker also understands the marketing involved with listing a home for sale and can help you stage your home, get great photos, and create an attractive listing to attract the right buyers.

Lastly, if you’ve been through the selling or buying process before, you know how often you can run into glitches that require the help of a professional. Real estate transactions are typically complex and involve tight timelines, loan approvals, and closing documents. An experienced, well-connected real estate agent can confidently refer you to mortgage specialists, appraisers, stagers, insurance agents, home inspectors, and home improvement companies, who so often have a role to play in a house sale or purchase.

3. Local Real Estate Agents Understand How to Negotiate

Negotiating a home’s selling price is an art form best achieved by practice. Experienced local real estate brokers have intuitive insight into which people are motivated to sell or buy quickly and which ones are more likely to patiently wait things out for a more favorable deal.

Negotiations can be stressful, too, whether you’re buying or selling. A good real estate agent has the calmness and professional skills needed to guide you through the process, helping you make wise decisions on offers, conditions, contingencies, and closing. With numerous home sales under their belt, experienced agents know what works at the bargaining table and what doesn’t. They know that bottom line, their job is to get you the best possible deal.

What To Look for In an Experienced Local Brokerage

Some other traits you can look for when choosing an experienced local brokerage to help you buy or sell a home in the DeLand real estate market are:

  1. Communication skills. You want an agent who speaks clearly and confidently with buyers, sellers, and other agents. If you find an agent you feel communicates well and is likable, other people will likely feel the same way, and that’s what you want.
  2. Organization and time management. Real estate agents have a lot on their plate, including other clients. The agent you choose should have a system in place that ensures they keep appointments and respond to messages promptly. Don’t be afraid to ask how they manage their time between clients and other real estate-related tasks.
  3. Patience. Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of real estate transactions. Look for an agent who’s committed to resolving conflicts in a calm and logical way.
  4. Marketing expertise. Look at a brokerage’s advertising for homes and the company itself. Would you buy something from them based on what you see? If you can answer yes to that question, you want them on your side!
  5. Stellar reputation and references. Good word of mouth can be key to finding a good local real estate brokerage. If you’re hearing positive things about them from family and friends, it can be an excellent sign they could be right for you. And be sure to check out online reviews and speak to former clients to get a handle on how a broker works.

Best Local Brokerage in the DeLand Real Estate Market

Working with a local broker when selling, buying, or investing in a DeLand property is a smart decision that can pay off significantly now and down the road. And as you can see, agents do much more than list and sell homes.

Their knowledge of the area, their connections, and the experience and skills they possess can make what’s often a stressful process a much more enjoyable one, particularly in today’s fluctuating market. And because real estate brokers are governed by a code of ethics implicit in their trade, you also get the protection you need throughout the entire real estate transaction, something you don’t always get with other agents.

If you’re looking for or selling a home in the DeLand area, talk to one of the agents at Bee Realty Corp about how a seasoned professional can help you find your dream home or sell your house fast! You’ll soon discover how we’re different from other, more traditional real estate agencies and why we’re the largest producing private broker in Volusia County. You can contact us online or call us at 386-279-7522.

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