Get the Best ROI When Selling Your New Smyrna Beach Home


Selling a home can be a complex journey, with any number of legal, contractual, and practical obligations to navigate. However, teaming up with a top brokerage can make it much more straightforward. If youā€™re getting ready to put your New Smyrna Beach on the market, you can count on Bee Realty Corp to make the path from listed to sold direct and pot-hole-free!

We’ve shared our home-selling checklist for getting the biggest return on your investment before. Here, we focus on the benefits of working with a skilled REALTORĀ®, highlighting how their expertise can streamline the selling process, maximize profit, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

10 Benefits of Working With a REALTORĀ® When Selling a Home

While some owners decide to take a DIY approach to selling their homes, working with an experienced real estate brokerage like Bee Realty Corp just about always yields better financial and practical results, especially in the unique Volusia County market. Hereā€™s why.

1. Expert Local Market Knowledge

An in-depth understanding of the local housing market, including current trends, pricing strategies, and buyer preferences, enables a top-tier broker to price your home competitively and position it effectively in the market, increasing the chances of a successful sale at the best possible price.

The REALTORĀ®’s role: If you live in a Central Florida region that attracts young professionals, a qualified REALTORĀ® can identify trending neighborhoods where homes are selling quickly and for higher prices, allowing them to advise you to list your home at a competitive price that attracts attention while maximizing profit.

2. Extensive Marketing Expertise

Top-performing REALTORSĀ® have access to a wide range of marketing tools and strategies to promote properties effectively. They work extensively with local professional photographers, can arrange virtual tours, employ targeted online advertising, and tap into their extensive network of potential buyers to maximize exposure and generate interest from qualified prospects.

The REALTORĀ®ā€™s role: A top-performing REALTORĀ® might recommend high-quality drone photography to showcase your waterfront property from above, attracting more online views and interest from potential buyers who are specifically looking for unique waterfront homes.

3. Skillful Negotiation Tactics

Negotiating is a crucial aspect of getting the highest ROI when selling a home. Skilled REALTORSĀ® excel in this arena, using their experience and expertise to navigate the complexities of offers, counteroffers, contingencies, and other negotiations while ensuring you receive the best possible price and terms.

The REALTORĀ®’s role: If a buyer presents a lowball offer, a seasoned REALTORĀ® might use their negotiation skills to counteroffer effectively, highlighting the unique features of your home and recent comparable sales to justify a higher price, ultimately securing a better deal for you.

4. Professional Network and Connections

The most successful REALTORSĀ® have built extensive professional networks within the industry, including relationships with other agents, lenders, attorneys, and home inspectors. These connections can streamline the selling process, facilitate smoother transactions, and provide valuable resources throughout the sale.

The REALTORĀ®’s role: For example, if your home requires a few repairs before listing, your broker might connect you with a trusted and cost-effective contractor from their network, ensuring the repairs are done efficiently and enhancing your home’s appeal to buyers.

5. Effective Staging and Presentation

An accomplished REALTORĀ® understands the importance and value of staging and presenting your home in the best possible light. They provide valuable guidance on decluttering, depersonalizing, and highlighting your home’s most attractive features, creating a welcoming and appealing environment for potential buyers.

The REALTORĀ®ā€™s role: A veteran REALTORĀ® might suggest rearranging or removing furniture and adding some decorative elements to create a more inviting and spacious atmosphere, which can make a big difference in how potential buyers perceive your home during showings.

6. Handling Legal and Contractual Obligations

Selling a home involves numerous legal and contractual obligations that can be overwhelming for homeowners. A professional REALTORĀ® is well-versed in these matters and can ensure all documentation is completed correctly, protecting your interests and minimizing potential legal or financial risks.

The REALTORĀ®ā€™s role: For instance, an expert REALTORĀ® ensures all disclosures required by Florida law are accurately completed and included in your listing, protecting you from potential legal issues that could arise after the sale.

7. Guided Pricing Strategy

Determining the right asking price for a home is crucial for maximizing its ROI. A competent REALTORĀ® will conduct a comprehensive market analysis, considering factors such as market trends, recent comparable sales, and property condition to develop a pricing strategy that attracts buyers while optimizing potential profit.

The REALTORĀ®ā€™s role: Your REALTORĀ® might recommend pricing your home slightly below market value to generate a bidding war among buyers, ultimately leading to a final sale price above your initial asking price.

8. Effective Communication and Responsiveness

A REALTORĀ® who prioritizes clear and timely communication and keeps you informed throughout the selling process is an invaluable ally in getting the best price for your home. Itā€™s an approach that also fosters trust and alleviates any concerns when markets shift or other out-of-your-control issues arise.

The REALTORĀ®ā€™s role: A top REALTORĀ® might provide weekly updates via email or phone, keeping you informed about the number of showings, feedback from potential buyers, and any changes in the market that might affect your listing.

9. Handling Showings and Open Houses

Coordinating and managing showings and open houses is time-consuming and takes a certain finesse to pull off successfully. A skilled REALTORĀ® will handle these tasks professionally, ensuring your home is presented in the best possible light and accommodating potential buyers’ schedules efficiently.

The REALTORĀ®ā€™s role:  For instance, an accomplished REALTORĀ® can coordinate unique open house events that are memorable for potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of receiving offers.

10. Protecting Your Best Interests

As a professional fiduciary, a qualified Central Florida REALTORĀ® is legally and ethically bound to protect your best interests throughout the home-selling process. They will advocate on your behalf, provide objective advice, and ensure your rights and interests are safeguarded at every step.

The REALTORĀ®ā€™s role: If a buyer requests numerous repairs after a home inspection, an accomplished REALTORĀ® will carefully review the requests, advise you on which repairs are reasonable, and negotiate with the buyer’s agent to reach a fair agreement that protects your interests, keeps the sale on track, and ensures the best ROI.

Selling Your New Smyrna Beach Home: How Bee Realty Corp Can Help

Thereā€™s a lot to handle when selling a home. Throw in buying another property and planning your move, and it can be downright overwhelming. Thatā€™s when joining forces with a qualified REALTORĀ® equipped with market knowledge and negotiation strategies can be the best decision you make. Letting someone else take over the intricate details while you manage everything else going on can alleviate the stress and burden of managing things on your own.

If youā€™re unsure where to start, the REALTORSĀ® at Bee Realty Corp will guide you on how to best position your New Smyrna Beach home for the best return on your investment. Our team is dedicated to making your home-selling journey seamless, profitable, and emotionally rewarding. Contact us online or call us at 386-279-7522 to learn more.

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