Proven Ways To Move Your Home Quickly From Listed to Sold


Like most things real-estate related, how long selling a home takes depends on many factors, some of which aren’t in a seller’s control. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do, especially when you partner with a top local real estate broker for your listing.

The real estate agents at Bee Realty Corp. are skilled at selling homes faster with instant offers, local service, and more. We understand how to interpret the current Volusia County market so you know best how to list and sell your property. Our innovative marketing keeps your property front and center. And we’re always here when you need us, whether by phone, text, or email. We make sure you get the best possible ROI for your home and work to ensure a smooth process from listing to closing.

What Home Sellers Can and Can’t Control

Listing your home for sale can be stressful, even in a seller’s market. It can help before you start the process to understand those factors that are and aren’t in your control. For instance, no one can tell you with complete certainty how long it will take to sell your home, but the right broker can guide you in determining your home’s current worth based on local market conditions, recent sales, and more.

Things you have no control over include:

  • Market conditions, including interest rates or other economic factors, influence buyer decisions.
  • Buyer preferences or the specific criteria buyers are looking for, be it the location, neighborhood amenities, and schools.
  • Appraisal and inspection results that can influence the sale process.
  • Timing and speed of the sale, though listings managed by seasoned professionals tend to go faster.
  • External factors and events like hurricanes, legal restrictions, and sudden shifts in the economy.

What can you maintain a good amount of control over?

  • A pricing strategy based on market analysis.
  • Staging and presentation to make your home highly appealing to potential buyers.
  • Marketing and promotion tactics, including the use of the latest online technologies.
  • Sales terms like closing dates and contingencies.
  • Choosing a qualified broker or REALTOR® to represent you in the sale of your home.

Understanding these controllable and uncontrollable factors helps you manage your expectations and strategize with your broker effectively. It also ensures a collaborative approach grounded in adaptability, flexibility, and preparedness throughout the selling journey.

Selling a Home: 9 Proven Steps to Closing the Deal

Recent research shows that Volusia County, like other parts of Central Florida, is running counter to real estate trends seen in other parts of the country. Property values hit a new record high this summer and show no signs of slowing down.

If history is an accurate indicator, real estate prices that go up are usually followed by periods when they go down. They also don’t tend to rise indefinitely, as market corrections, economic downturns, and shifts in demand can lead to stabilizing or decreasing prices.

If you’ve decided the time is right to sell, here’s how to get your home sold in as little time as possible.

  1. Understand Why You’re Selling

People sell their homes for many reasons, including downsizing, relocating, and cashing out while the market’s in their favor. Your specific reason will help you price your home for a quicker sale. For instance, if you need a fast sale because your job requires you to move, you might want to price at or a little below going rates. Your broker can help you determine the right strategy for your circumstances.

  1. Learn the Costs Associated With Selling a Home

Understanding costs and fees like agent commissions, closing costs, and potential home improvement expenses prepares you for a smoother, faster selling process. It also makes for more informed decision-making, which, in turn, creates an environment conducive to a quick sale.

  1. Hire the Best Listing Agent

Working with a local REALTOR or broker with a deep understanding of the market and excellent negotiation skills can expedite the home-selling process. Their expertise and proven strategies can be instrumental in deftly navigating the market to secure a swift and favorable sale.

  1. Prepare Your Home for Sale

Presentation matters in making a good impression. Ensure your home is in top condition by making necessary repairs and minor improvements to accentuate its appeal to the buyers you want to attract. A well-maintained, turn-key house is highly appealing to buyers and can facilitate a quick sale.

  1. Care a Pre-listing Marketing To-Do List

Invest in pre-listing marketing tactics like professional staging and high-quality photographs to showcase your home’s best features. Your home selling checklist should include everything from exterior and interior cleanups and improvements to crafting a pricing strategy that gets your home sold in record time. Your broker can help you analyze local market trends and evaluate comparable sales to set a realistic and competitive price to avoid having your home linger on the market.

  1. Prepare Disclosures

Work with your REALTOR to prepare comprehensive disclosures that accurately reflect your property’s condition and history. Transparent disclosures foster trust with buyers, facilitate smoother negotiations, and expedite the sales process by minimizing complications and disputes.

  1. Schedule Open Houses and Begin Showings

Your broker will facilitate open houses and schedule private showings to increase interest from potential buyers. Accommodating buyers’ schedules can increase the likelihood of receiving prompt, attractive offers.

  1. Review Offers

When reviewing offers, you want to look for things like the buyer’s pre-approval status, the deposit size, and any contingencies. Evaluating offers based on these criteria enables an informed decision and fosters a streamlined and expedited closing.

  1. Close the Deal!

To ensure a fast closing, make sure appraisals and inspections are timely and any buyer contingencies are addressed. Your REALTOR will arrange the final walkthrough and ensure all documents are correctly signed and the deed promptly recorded.

Bee Realty Corp Can Get You From Listing to Closing Fast

Are you gearing up to list your Volusia County property? No other DeLand brokerage makes quickly selling a home as easy as Bee Realty Corp does! Our skilled agents can help you get started by creating a selling plan tailored to your unique needs. And we’ll show you how to market your property so it attracts serious buyers as opposed to those who are “just looking.”

Contact us online or call 386-279-7522 to schedule a consultation or learn more.

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