3 Negotiation Skills Your REALTOR® Needs To Have To Be Successful


Working with a broker who has first-rate negotiating skills is crucial to success in today’s competitive real estate market. Together with exceptional customer service and marketing expertise, the ability to negotiate complex real estate deals can be the difference between a favorable outcome and missed opportunities.

Real estate agents with good bargaining skills can secure more favorable deals, expertly handle counteroffers, and employ effective pricing strategies that achieve the best outcomes for home buyers and sellers.

The Distinctions Between REALTORS®, Brokers, and Real Estate Agents

REALTORS®, brokers, and real estate agents all work in the same industry, but each role has distinct responsibilities, abilities, and qualifications.

  • Licensing and education. The requirements for becoming a real estate agent vary by jurisdiction but typically include completing a number of pre-licensing education hours and passing a licensing exam. A REALTOR® or broker, on the other hand, is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and is obligated to abide by its strict code of ethics. Brokers also have higher education and experience requirements, enabling them to operate independently or manage their own brokerages.
  • Representation and responsibilities. Real estate agents tend to work for brokers. They help clients buy, sell, or invest in real property and act as a go-between for buyers and sellers. As NAR members,  REALTORS® are ethically bound to represent a client’s best interests and disclose any conflicts of interest. Broker responsibilities include managing agents, overseeing transactions, and ensuring legal and ethical compliance.
  • Access to MLS. Most real estate agents have access to the multiple listing service database of available properties. However, their access level can vary based on the brokerage they work for. REALTORS® and brokers have full MLS access, giving them a broader view of the market.
  • Professional networking. As a rule, real estate agents focus on building relationships with existing clients and finding potential ones. They also network with other agents in their brokerage. The NAR offers REALTORS® and brokers a more extensive professional network, giving them access to industry events, conferences, and other activities that help them expand their reach.

Lastly,  REALTORS® and brokers are apt to have a deeper understanding of the real estate market, legal aspects of transactions, and negotiation strategies. They also frequently have specialized knowledge of specific property types or areas.

Negotiation Skills Every REALTOR® Must Possess

REALTORS® with strategic negotiating skills can help you achieve your real estate goals by confidently advocating for your best interests and navigating potential obstacles. Three negotiating skills every successful REALTOR® has include:

  1. Deep market knowledge. Realtors with comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate market have a significant advantage during negotiations. Because they understand market trends, property values, recent sales, and neighborhood dynamics on a granular level, they can present compelling arguments and make informed decisions that benefit their clients.
  2. Effective communication. Realtors must be excellent communicators to convey their client’s needs, understand the other party’s interests, and articulate proposals clearly. They should be skilled in active listening, persuasive speaking, and nonverbal communication, building rapport, and fostering productive collaboration throughout the real estate transaction process.
  3. Problem-solving skills. Real estate negotiations frequently involve conflicts and obstacles that call for creative problem-solving. Being able to think outside the box and find mutually satisfying solutions are critical REALTOR® attributes that are invaluable for smoother transactions and the best outcomes.

As you consider which REALTOR® to work with, look for one with a flexible and adaptable approach that allows them to pivot and adjust strategies based on changing circumstances. This way, you can capitalize on emerging opportunities and achieve your real estate goals.

The Bee Realty Difference

The dynamic DeLand real estate market is home to many local real estate agents. However, the number of qualified REALTORS® and brokers is relatively limited. Of them, Bee Realty Corp shines as an exceptional choice, renowned for our expertise in handling intricate and challenging deals. All of us are skilled at negotiating even the most complex real estate transactions, ensuring each client receives top-tier representation.

Contact us online or call 386-279-7522 to learn more.

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