The Bee Powell Difference: Why Experience and Expertise Matter When Buying or Selling DeLand Real Estate


There is no shortage of real estate agents working in the DeLand real estate market. What there is a scarcity of, however, are real estate brokers who can measure up to Bee Powell.

Widely recognized as a top choice for people buying, selling, or investing in real estate in DeLand and the Volusia County area, Bee knows the local market inside and out. And she’s the foremost reason Bee Realty Corp is the region’s largest producing private broker.

Meet Bee Powell, Broker Extraordinaire

Master negotiator, highly professional, and a strong work ethic. These are just a few of the traits Bee Powell’s clients say they love about her.

An architect by trade, Bee began her career in Germany and Australia. In 2004, she settled in DeLand, where her future husband was living at the time. Bee was “bitten by the real estate bug” while shopping for a couple of rental properties in the DeLand area. In 2010 she took and passed the state’s pre-license course and exam and began her career with another broker.

It wasn’t long, though, before Bee decided to start her own brokerage. In 2012, she opened Bee Realty Corp’s doors. And in late 2021, she cut the blue ribbon on a second office in Downtown DeLand. Her brokerage has grown from four agents to 17 and handles residential, commercial, and land transactions in Volusia and Lake counties.

Bee also enjoys a reputation for being fearless. After participating in a mobile bungee-jumping show, she accepted an invitation to join the German national women’s skydiving team (it’s how she met her husband). She’s also a certified scuba diver and has done some underwater cave exploring.

As a real estate investor herself, Bee is skilled in crafting strategies for her clients’ long-term profitability and is known for her ability to identify emerging market trends. She’s also dedicated to ensuring the entire real estate buying, selling, or investing process proceeds smoothly from start to finish.

Bee’s National Association of Realtors certifications includes Seller Representative Specialist, International Property Specialist, and Military Relocation Professional.

Exceptional customer service, marketing expertise, and the ability to negotiate complex real estate deals successfully—these are the qualities that set Bee Powell and Bee Realty Corp apart.

The Bee Realty Difference

Each of the real estate agents at Bee Realty Corp is a Realtor®, meaning they’ve completed additional certifications.

While real estate agents are licensed professionals who also represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions, Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a professional organization with established ethical standards its members adhere to. The designation also carries with it a requirement for additional training.

Brokers are licensed professionals who’ve completed additional education and training beyond what is required for agents and Realtor®s, making them more knowledgeable about the real estate industry and the local market. They also have access to resources real estate agents might not, such as specialized databases, exclusive listings, and marketing tools. And their professional network tends to be wider and more comprehensive, so they’re better equipped to provide you with insights that help you make informed decisions.

At the end of the day, a broker’s value rests on their individual skills, experience, and professional approach. Choosing a broker with the right qualifications and expertise is essential to meet your specific needs as a buyer, seller, or investor.

Bee Realty Corp is unlike other, more traditional real estate agencies. And Bee Powell is distinct in her field, as well. Her notable background, personal qualities, and professionalism set her apart from other DeLand real estate players, making her the ideal choice for assistance in buying, selling, or investing in local real estate.

Are you ready to experience the “Bee Powell difference?” Contact us online or call 386-279-7522 to learn more and get the process started.

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