Hosting a New Year’s Party at Home? Here are 9 Ideas to Make it Great


New Year’s Eve is known as a time for people to hit the town and celebrate in style. However, if you’ve decided to skip the big parties, long lines, and crowds everywhere you turn this year and instead host a New Year’s party at home, we have you covered!

Whether you want to curate an elegant event for a small group of friends or put together a more low-key, kid-friendly evening, our real estate agents are here to share some of their favorite tips for having a festive event that will leave every guest excited about welcoming in the coming year.

9 Homeowner Tips for a Fantastic At-Home New Year’s Party

Spending the most celebrated night of the year at home doesn’t mean it can’t be a creative and fun time! The options are endless, but we’ve pulled together nine ideas that cover the gamut from get-togethers with family and friends to a huge, everyone’s-welcome neighborhood shindig.

1. Throw an Elegant Dinner Party

Want to celebrate at home but still dress up in your finest? A sit-down dinner party is the way to go. Whether you decide to prepare a 5-course feast yourself or order from your favorite restaurant, set a goal to have a fancy-but-not-fussy meal. It’s sure to be a night your guests will remember throughout the new year.

2. An Evening of Comfort Food

What’s a New Year’s Eve party without your favorite foods as you wait for the Times Square ball to drop? If you’re hosting just a few friends, prepare a few menu items in advance—the cheesier, the better! If you’re celebrating with a larger crowd, make it a potluck and ask guests to bring their favorite nostalgic dishes

3. Watch Funny Movies or TV Shows

Laughter brings everyone together! Watching funny movies or TV shows is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an at-home New Year’s Eve. Invite people to change into their most comfy PJs, and be sure to pop plenty of popcorn and stock the snack table with everyone’s favorite movie theater fare.

4. Desserts-Only Feast

This is a terrific option when you want to begin the celebrations a little later in the evening. Set out a buffet of tempting treats and ask guests to contribute their favorites to the spread. Or try putting together a dessert charcuterie board for a bigger crowd.

5. Host a Dance or Karaoke Party

Turn down the lights and turn up the music—it’s a dance party! Your guests can have a blast letting loose and dancing the night away without fighting the New Year’s Eve crowds. Or host a karaoke night and let people belt out their favorite songs as they enjoy easy-to-prep finger foods and fun mock or cocktails. You can even host a mini awards ceremony for Best Performance, Most Heart, Greatest Impersonation, etc.

6. Celebrate Cuisines From Around the World

This is a delicious take on a traditional potluck party. Ask guests to volunteer to make different cuisines they want to showcase and celebrate. Everyone learns more about other cultures and gets to sample a delectable array of foods and dishes they might not otherwise have.

7. Perfect Cocktails and Snacks

Hosting an “everyone’s invited” celebration? Limit the menu to festive cocktails or wine and snacks. Simply add some easy but crowd-pleasing appetizers like nachos, pretzel bites, assorted dips and chips, and a sweets table with cookies and brownies.

8. Host a Board Game Night

A perfect all-ages New Year’s Eve celebration starts and ends with board games. Everything from Monopoly to Twister and Tiddlywinks should be on the table for kids and the young-at-heart. Fun ice-breaking board games for adults include Quickwits, Jenga, and Taboo.

9. Champagne by the Fire

Gathering around a fireplace or outdoor fire pit is a great way to keep warm and cozy up with your nearest and dearest. If you’re heading outdoors, be sure to have plenty of blankets on hand in case the night turns cool and brew up some hot drinks like mulled cider or wine and hot chocolate. Mini-champagne bottles with customized labels can be a fun and easy party favor.

And there you have it! Simple but fun ways to ring in the new year at home. For more homeowner tips or to talk with one of our agents about buying or selling a property in Volusia County, contact Bee Realty Corp today. Happy New Year!

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