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If you long to escape winter’s chill for the sun-kissed beaches and balmy breezes of Florida each year, buying a home in DeLand can be one of the best decisions you make. It’s a wonderful chance to embrace the region’s warmth while relaxing and rejuvenating in your private piece of paradise.

Are you a snowbird eager to migrate to your place in the sun? We have the perfect location in mind. Azalea Walk in DeLand offers elegant cottage living in a private setting that’s still near to every amenity you could want. It’s more than just a second home—it’s a reward for your hard work and success!

Intrigued by the concept of cottage neighborhood living? The real estate agents at Bee Realty Corp are ready to match you with a single-floor or two-story home featuring energy and space efficiency along with a high quality of life in a friendly community.

Living the Snowbird Lifestyle in a Cottage Neighborhood

Cottage neighborhoods are residential developments featuring smaller homes designed to evoke the charm and coziness of traditional cottages. Based on the Mews-style housing of 18th-century London, they’re gaining popularity for several reasons, particularly for retirees and snowbirds seeking second homes.

Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect.

What Defines a Cottage Neighborhood?

Cottage housing developments feature a cluster of units built around a common open space. They’re typically identifiable by their:

  1. Design and aesthetics. The neighborhoods are characterized by quaint, often nostalgic architecture. Homes tend to be smaller (averaging about 1500 square feet) and emphasize efficient use of space. Many are single-story, eliminating the need for stairs. The houses often feature charming design elements like front porches, gabled roofs, and picturesque gardens. Garages tend to be detached.
  2. Community layout. The neighborhoods are well-planned, with a focus on creating a tight-knit community feel. Common areas such as parks, walking paths, and community centers are central to the design, encouraging interaction among residents.
  3. Sustainability and efficiency. Many cottage neighborhoods are designed with sustainability in mind, often incorporating green spaces and eco-friendly practices. Because the homes are smaller, they reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, while features like low water-use fixtures and solar energy further enhance efficiency and environmental friendliness.

What’s the Appeal?

What’s not to love about cottage neighborhoods? With their unique blend of charm, community, and convenience, these vibrant districts are attractive to many lifestyles. They provide a simpler yet enriching lifestyle that lets you enjoy the comforts of home and the benefits of a close-knit community. For snowbirds, the homes offer an ideal solution for seasonal living, as they’re easy to maintain from a distance.

Benefits of Buying a Home in a DeLand Cottage-Style Community

Cottage neighborhoods are booming as builders, developers, and homebuyers recognize their benefits and advantages. Unlike “tiny homes,” which are usually less than 600 square feet, cottage homes tend to have regular-sized bedrooms and plenty of storage options. They also play into modern living trends that include:

  1. Downsizing. As people age or seek a scaled-down lifestyle, there’s been a drift toward downsizing. Cottage neighborhoods offer an ideal solution, providing smaller, more manageable homes without sacrificing style or comfort.
  2. Communities with like-minded neighbors. People who live in cottage neighborhoods tend to like a relaxed yet active lifestyle that encourages friendships. Private amenities usually include a clubhouse, covered BBQ pavilion, open recreation area, and more.
  3. Low maintenance. Active adults prefer to spend time on enjoyable activities rather than home upkeep!

Cozy and intimate living spaces, community engagement, and a peaceful environment. These are just a few of the amenities you’ll enjoy at Azalea Walk, where spaces are designed for comfort and ease of living.

Schedule a Tour of DeLand’s Azalea Walk Today

Gallery Home’s Azalea Walk is conveniently located just north of downtown DeLand, Florida, and offers a variety of two and three-bedroom, two-bath cottages. Gallery Winner of the 2023 Volusia Building Industry Association’s Grand Award for single-family production, the developer’s Fairfax-Bixby model is a single-family, one-story home with an innovative, spacious kitchen and smart home wiring.

To view the Fairfax-Bixby or any of the other beautiful homes in Azalea Walk, contact Bee Realty Corp online or call 386-279-7522. Our professional REALTORs® have years of experience helping snowbirds who are buying a home in Central Florida, and we would love to do the same for you!

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